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 Coolmaen ACM8600
    Auto Refrigerant
    Recharging System


Automobile air conditioning refrigerant recovery,recycling,recharging equipment

To recover residual refrigerant in the vehicle AC system. In recovering procedure, the inner oil separator can separate oil from the recovered refrigerant and make the refrigerant recycable.
To vacuum the AC system of vehicle by vacuum pump, check leaking of the AC system by observing the pressure gauge.
To remove moisture, acid medium and other impurities in the pipeline.
To supply refrigerant oil into the AC system of vehicle.
To recharge the system.
To accord with the environmental safety standard and to reduce the cost of service.



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    The 45th National Exhibition of     Auto Maintaining Detecting,and     Diagnosing Equipments

    The 44th National Exhibition of     Auto Maintaining Detecting,and     Diagnosing Equipments