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    KingMore Beijing is an enterprise with a team production model.The enterprise started in the
       beginning of 2002, is incorporated by "KingMore Millennium  (HongKong) Co.,LTD.", "Beijing
       KingMore Millennium Technology Co., LTD. ",  "Beijing  Newport Technology Co., LTD." and
       "Beijing Newport Instruments Service Ceatre" >>>>>>
 Coolmaen ACM8600
    Auto Refrigerant
    Recharging System


      KingMore company is an enterprise with a team production
model .  The  company  started  in  the  beginning of  2002,   is
incorporated by KingMore Millennium(China) Co.,LTD., Beijing
Newport Technology Co.,LTD.and Beijing Newport Instrument
Service  Centre.  Automobile Environmental Protection Depart-
ment  of  Beijing Millennium Technology Co.,LTD.   focuses on 
the  conversion of the research results from University of  New Hampshire, U.S.A  into production.It produced Coolmaen  ACM
8600 Pro series of automobile refrigerant  recycling recharging
equiprment .   This equiprnent   is completely   environmentally friendly. The main technology and parts come from U.S.A.. Now Coolmaen   ACM8600   has  been  extensively  used  in   Heavy
Automobile Manufacturer, Jinan(China) Heavy Truck, and other
automobile manufacturing lines.
      The  company  has  built  a  modern  factory in the beautiful
satellite city of Beijing-Huairou.  Powerful cooperation network
has formed due to the advanced team production manufactur-
ing model.  The general department  of  the  company has  the  
features of concentrated knowledge and technologies.At same
time,the company will cooperate with national and international universities and some national  research  institutes  to convert
their research results into production.


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