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    Coolmaen ACM8600
    Auto Refrigerant
    Recharging System


    Air Conditioning
    Recharging System


  1.   Automatically recycle remaining refrigerant.

  2.   After treatment, the recycled remaining refrigerant accords with SAE standard.

  3.   Automatically separate and drain A/C system oil.

  4.   Electro-magnetic valve controls the adding of A/C system oil.

  5.   Automatically treats the incondensable gases in refrigerant.

  6.   Electronic balance measures the recycled and recharged refrigerant during the whole process.

  7.    The pressure and temperature comparing table can tell if automobile air conditioner operates properly.


  1.   Language guides the operation.

  2.   Liquid crystal large screen bright background display.

  3.   The whole process is controlled by micro-computer.

  4.   Electro-magnetic valve design prevents damage from liquid flow.

  5.   Fast and convenient self-sealing connections.

  6.   Automatic reminding of problem checking and alarming.

  7.   Automatic reminding of present operation states.

  8.   Automatic reminding of daily maintenance.


  Recovery Speed: 6 g/s

  Recycling Speed: 8.0 g/s

  Vacuum Speed: 2.0 g/s

  Recharging Speed: 26g/s

  Scale Accuracy: ±10g/s

  Work Tank Capacity: 10kg

   Dry Filter Capability: 98kg R134a


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    The 45th National Exhibition of     Auto Maintaining Detecting,and     Diagnosing Equipments

    The 44th National Exhibition of     Auto Maintaining Detecting,and     Diagnosing Equipments